Honey Girl Hanalei

In the Shadow of Bali Hai

@Honeygirlhanalei makes luscious and remarkable art on her out door studio lanai. Working in a variety of mediums and on unconventional "canvases" her sense of style and whimsy transport the viewer to an island paradise of beautiful women dancing and surfing under a joyful sun.

Honey Girl Hanalei is brought to you from the lanai studio of Gina Mears. A creative wellspring of images on surf boards and paintings infused with an island spirit. The aloha and appreciation of the islands is brought forth in each creation with a loving hand. When you are ready to bring this spirit into your hale think of Gina and lets talk about a full size painted surf board or lovely canvas.

With more to come from the multi talented Kauai diva you won't want to miss a beat. So follow her on Instagram @honeygirlhanalei or shoot her an email.

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In the studio

Sun kissed